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» » » » KUNG FU PANDA 4 2022 Movie In Hindi Dubbed Animation Movie

KUNG FU PANDA 4 2022  Movie In Hindi Dubbed Animation Movie


Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Yeoh, Gary Oldman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, Dustin Hoffman, Chan Greg Winton, Dennis Haysbert, Victor Garber, Danny McBride 
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Kung Fu Panda 4

Country Region of Manufacture United States

Official website:

language: English

Length: 91 minutes

Synopsis for Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 4 voiced by Jack Black finally became a dream come true and became a Dragon Warrior, following the master of Kung Fu Master Shibu voiced by Dustin Hoffman and the five heroes: Tigress (Angie Angie) Lina Jolie voiced by Angelina Jolie, Monkey (voiced by Jackie Chan), Mantis voiced by Seth Rogen, Viper voiced by Lucy Liu, Crane David · David Cross voiced by Cross together protect Peace Valley and live a peaceful life. However, the good times don't last long when an evil villain Lord Shen voiced by Gary Oldman is planning to use an unstoppable secret weapon to fight.

1. The inside peace that Master tried to guide Panda to find is the highest state of traditional Chinese culture that is indifferent and detached. My heart does not move, and everything is natural. Like all things in heaven and earth, he is obedient to adversity. As Jinn Doxia described in the Jiayang Zhenjiang. He is stronger by his own strength, and the breeze blows the hills. He runs his side, and the bright moon shines on the river. If the visitor is a drop of water, I am like a blade of grass; if the visitor is a cannonball, then I am like a cannon.
2. The Chinese culture has always been Heroes don't ask about low background, whether it is an outcast without a parent or a mother, or a rice bucket from a poor background, the important thing is who you are now and what kind of person you want to be. Just like the Chinese the nobles never look at the purity of blood, and almost no matter whether the family is rich or not, what they want is their current position and a great future. This is in stark contrast to the strict requirements of Western aristocrats for pure blood. Perhaps because Europeans used to love to mess around, so Is ancestry important?

3. I never seem to have noticed that the color of Tai Chi is the same as that of Panda. Panda, such a high-profile animal, is also composed of two primary colors of black and white. It is really simple and awesome! And the fact that the panda race is about to go extinct is not known whether it is alluding to the annihilation of traditional Chinese morals, traditional culture, and traditional values. The yin and yang fish have been turning for thousands of years, and they are about to disappear from this planet like pandas.

A Bao is just a simple, honest, reckless, rambunctious little boy who loves to eat and play. It's like the growth process of each of you and me. However, everyone has growing pains. For him, punishing evil and cheating is not an annoyance, it satisfies his overwhelming sense of justice, practicing qigong is not an annoyance, it is his interest and pursuit, and the most troublesome thing for a person is to have a knot in his heart.
The same is true for A Bao, all the troubles start from the question "Who am I", and this who I am, from a shallow perspective, includes his desire for his own life experience, and his desire for parental love and mother love. From a deep perspective, is a person's fascination with one's own ins and outs, the irremovable concern about one's doubts, the anxiety of being afraid of not being loved, when one begins to doubt one's own existence, it is the beginning of losing oneself, and at the same time it is the beginning of finding oneself. Even though we don’t have lost parents, we don’t have a tangled background, and we haven’t been given the mission to save the common people, the question about Who am I emanating from our hearts has probably grown up so kindly, maybe solved, maybe still. stay there.

When he couldn't help laughing or followed the story with tears in his eyes, he seemed to follow A Bao to unravel the answer. who I am? where am i from? What is the meaning of my existence? All questions can be answered in one sentence: enjoy the moment with inner peace.

Shen Wayne has been avoiding the fate of the future. His inner fear of the fate of the future made him sacrifice all the presents. What he does now is to avoid being defeated by black and white knights one day, so he wants to kill all. Panda, who plunders metal to make weapons, his fear of the future has made him unable to see the present clearly, so he is sadly held hostage by the future. Because of fear, he will be angry and violent, and make up for the extreme emptiness in his heart with external strength.
A Bao was struggling with the past, and the moment he was attacked at the critical moment revealed his weakness. He wanted to know who his parents were, where they came from, and why he came to Daddy Goose. He wanted to know that his parents left him. The truth of the past, in fact, the answer in his subconscious is-because his parents don't love him, it can be seen from his nightmares. That's why he is so persistent in looking for that answer, and he wants others to tell him that your subconscious answer is wrong. Because this knot was not opened, it also made him unable to see the present clearly.

The film tells us through the mouth of the old goat that whether it is the past or the future, it is not as important as the present. People who have been kidnapped by the past and the future often have the question Who am I that haunts them, and they are in a constant state of panic and cannot experience a down-to-earth life.
Fortunately, through the reappearance of the old goat yesterday, the great family affection of the panda parents melted the doubts and worries in Abdo's heart. He knew that he had biological parents who loved him very much. A soul without resentment is the most able to obtain inner peace, and a soul with inner peace can grasp the moment most keenly. So, after this, Po's friendship and family have reached a new height. He knows that the partners who work with him are the most important. Although there is no blood relationship, the father goose who has given him full love is more important. Desires are in the future, and regrets are in the past, so he will say to his partners in his heart. He will say to the father goose who is waiting for his return, the answer I found is that I am your son.

If you don't demand that the movie must have a thought-provoking meaning, then Kung Fu Panda 2 is definitely a good movie
1 In terms of effects, this is the best 3D animation in recent years:
Compared to Pirates of the Caribbean 4's stupid (3D) fuck the subtitles are in 3D, Kung Fu Panda 2 is dynamic and definitely the best 3D special effect I've seen in recent years. This sense of dynamism comes not only from high-level technology, but also from the ingenious arrangement of lenses. In the action scenes, the lens switching between long-range and close-range shots is a major feature of this film! The speed and smoothness of this switching guarantees the 3D quality of the movie. This animation is really good! I bet this is definitely the best (3D animation of 11 years in terms of effects.

2 In terms of plot, this is actually a story of Promise
The bald chicken, Lord Shen, plays Wuhan, the Duke of North in The Promise. His heart was severely damaged in his childhood, and he went on the path of evil imperialism. Panda A Bao plays the role of Zhang Dongjin in The Promise, who was exterminated by his family, his background was a mystery, and he took revenge on the bald chicken - the ice and fire in the scene of the panda's extermination of the family is exactly the same as the snow country in the Promise You can guess the plot of Kung Fu Panda 2, but even if you can guess it, it's still fun to watch. This is a good, animated film. As an animation, the smoothness of the narration is impeccable! It is also the story of Wuji, Chen Kaige, you should learn how to tell it! See what the audience wants!
As for some people's evaluation of this film as a cultural invasion, I can't agree with it at all if a nation's culture wants to be truly viable, it must be left to other nations' freedom and space for interpretation. Sometimes, it's not bad to look at kung fu movies in the eyes of Hollywood and understand different people's understanding of kung fu. A good culture is fluid, and it is only in the process of fusion and understanding of different viewpoints that there is life. When Chinese culture goes global, it should not just rely on the heritage of red bricks and green tiles. Such a kung fu dream is dead in the hearts of some Chinese people, and some foreigners are still naively doing it. What's wrong with letting them have such dreams?
Alas, actually watching cartoons as a child, who among us has never had such a kung fu hero dream?
I remember that when I was a child, the cartoons were not black, did not have BL, no tangled plots and complex value judgments. Heroes are worshipped, and good and evil are separated; when we turn on the TV, we are watching Havoc in Heaven and Nezha Nakhai animation is just an orange, warm dream for us. In this warm dream, we have all dreamed of a world where everyone has kung fu. We are all heroes in this world. In this world, we sing about wine and proud of life, and some of us have the greatest degree of freedom.
Unfortunately, as we grow up, this kung fu dream will eventually wake up. We found that the world not only has chivalrous tenderness, but also sinister human relationships; the world is not only a song about wine, but also the subway at 8 o'clock every morning; it is not only the Five Poisons who are poisoned, but also Sanlu Dairy; the poison is not only It's Crane Red, or maybe melamine we've grown up, and even the animations we watch are complicated. The simple heroes of childhood have long been forgotten.

Still, sometimes we wish we could see a movie without intrigue, preaching, or criticism all over again. We want to revisit our simple childhood and the world where good is rewarded and evil is punished.
Kung Fu Panda 2 is such a movie, let us relive a warm dream. In the early morning movie theater, I re-watched the simple hero and re-did the warm dream in my childhood cartoon. After the dream is over, walk out of the cinema, look up and think about the still high housing prices and prices, and think about the work and life that you will still face tomorrow. Still worried. But at least, during the more than an hour of watching the movie, I had constant laughter, and I remembered the once simple world, heroes and freedom.
This is enough. Five-star encouragement.
When I walked out of Xian Cinema at 1::30 in the morning, two old people fell asleep under the overpass at the entrance. The weather in Beijing is still a bit cold, I wonder if they can see in their dreams, the warm, simple world in the cinema, and the fat panda. Exchanging . Also read it Aryahindi

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